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Personal Artwork

      I create hand-printed limited edition of relief prints based on my pathways and passions.

     “I find great inspiration in the world around me. We often move through life so quickly

that we fail to notice the beauty that surrounds us. My artwork is an expression of the joy I feel when I take time to appreciate what I see right before my eyes.”

     Most of my work are multiple-color reduction prints, which use the same wood or linoleum block for each layer of color. The imagery varies from close up details of observations in nature to wide view landscapes of locations and scenes from adventures in the backcountry.

     I carve and print my editions in my studio located in Riverton, CT.,  studied printmaking at the University of Connecticut while earning a BA in graphic design, and continued my exploration at the Art Students League in New York City.

     I show my work in galleries throughout Connecticut and have received several awards for my original prints at juried shows in the region.


Bee to the Blossom

Linocut 18" x 29"


A Welcome Blanket of Snow

Linocut 18" x 29"


Rocky Point Break

Woodcut 16" x 20"


Riding Slick Rock

Woodcut 16" x 20"


Flower after the Shower

Linocut 8" x 10"


Wind-scoured Snowfield

Linocut 14" x 11"

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